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Westbourne Park Primary School

24 Aug

By Sharon Ronavuso, Reading Support Teacher and Year 2 Teacher

Daily 5 is a literacy management system developed by Joan Moser and Gail Boucher, 2 sisters from America. The system has 5 components- read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, work on writing and word work. Each component is introduced separately and students work to build their stamina to be able to independently work on a learning task for approximately 20 mins( depending on child’s age). When 2 or 3 components have been introduced and the students are able to work independently for 20 mins, the students are able to choose which component they are going to work on each round.

While the students are working independently the teacher is either working with individual students or with groups of students with similar needs to develop their reading, spelling or writing skills. Each round lasts for approximately 20 mins( depending on age), after which the students are brought back together as a whole group for a 5-7 minute explicit mini lesson which focuses on developing their reading, comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expanding vocabulary, spelling or writing skills.

What makes the Daily 5 different from other systems?

This system is the only one that I have come across that does not assume that students know how to perform certain tasks independently. Daily 5 teaches the students the expectations and routines to enable them to work independently.

The other big difference is that using the Daily 5 management system enables teachers to work with individual children to set learning goals based on their literacy needs at the time. These goals are reinforced at the start of each session and students verbalise the goals they will be working on during that session. Teachers are able to differentiate to cater for individual student’s learning needs.

In my role as Reading Support Teacher I have worked with classroom teachers to implement the program. Teachers using the program have seen the successes and benefits both teachers and learners. Once again our school is leading the way and we have had many colleagues from public and private schools from around the state visit our school to learn about Daily 5 and observe the Daily 5 in action.