Student Led Beanie Project

In M7 in 2021, we had an idea to try and get school beanies. We had seen other schools with beanies and wanted to know if we could organise them for WPPS.

We started our project off by going to all the classes in the school and surveying the students to see if they wanted school beanies to know if it was worth persisting with the project. Our survey results showed that the majority of students did want beanies, so we started investigating how to get them. We researched companies we could order them from, comparing materials, costs and quality and we made some possible designs.

After we chose the best company to use, we made a persuasive video and folder with all of our research, information and designs to take to Governing Council to convince them that we should make beanies part of our school uniform. The Governing Gouncil agreed to support our idea.

Our beanies are on sale for $15.00 each and have been very popular! You can order them on the QKR app.

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