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Westbourne Park Primary School

Welcome To Westbourne Park Primary School

Westbourne Park Primary School was established in 1914 and has a wonderful sense of both history and community.  We celebrated our Centenary in 2014.

We currently have approximately 570 students and have a second ‘campus’ further south on Goodwood Road which houses our new gym and our Italian program for older students.

Our school is zoned and we have many enquiries around enrolment.  School tours operate throughout the year and interested families are encouraged to book into a tour by phoning 8271 7430.

In 2011 we received an International School of Excellence in Habits of Mind Award in recognition of our work in developing and embedding  Habits of Mind (HOM).  Since HOM have been introduced at WPPS, we have seen a marked improvement in student achievement.

Alongside this, our greatest success is in the development of the ‘whole child’.  Recognising that our students are individuals who have a variety of talents and skills.  We have a strong focus on our values which guide how we behave.  We are mindful in our learning, looking to give to others.

Our community is very supportive of the school and we have many opportunities for families to help.  At WPPS there is a high sense of both pride in the school and a sense of ‘belonging’.

We are excited to be on a new journey with Lee Crockett, international authority on what students need to be successful in the 21st century.  We are one of the handful of schools across the world that Lee is working closely with to develop our students’ capacity to learn and grow in a fast-changing world.

We encourage you to visit other pages within this website to gain a better understanding of the work we are doing.

Westbourne Park Primary School provides an aesthetically attractive and flexible environment for teaching and learning. The students are highly motivated, with strongly committed parents, who place high expectations on their children, the students collectively and on the staff, who work with them.

There is a strong focus on our FRESH (Friendship, Respect, Endeavour, Success and Honesty) values and a whole school commitment to learning and using the Habits of Mind. The Habits are a fantastic tool that our staff and students both use and refer to in our mission for all students to become successful and independent learners. Along with our quest to ensure high level access to both innovative practices and technology, the Habits are equipping our students with the skills to build a positive future for both themselves and others. In 2011 we were privileged to receive the International School of Excellence in Habits of Mind award in recognition of our collective work with Habits of Mind.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with necessary information about our school and to outline processes and practices that our school community has developed over the years to assist us in our work.

We look forward to working with you as a partner in the education of your child and hope that you and your child will enjoy a happy and successful association with the school.

Westbourne Park Primary School is excited to receive 5 million funding from the Capital Works Program to extend, refurbish and create new opportunities for flexible student experiences

Further information is available at your request. Please feel free to recommend any changes or additional information that you believe should be included.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Munro (Acting Principal) & the staff of Westbourne Park Primary School