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Westbourne Park Primary School

Student Support

Students who require extra support with their learning are often earmarked for assessment by DECD support services.  This can be a lengthy process. In order to gain individual  support, students must be identified with  significant disability or learning need.  These students are then given a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP). to support them in their learning.

Students who do not qualify for a NEP are often identified internally as a ‘grey student’ and teachers provide support as available.  Class teachers are allocated time from School Support Officers (SSOs) who will then work with our grey students. Teachers may also modify programs within the mainstream class program.  Other options include private tutoring outside of school hours.

In recent years we have implemented a special literacy program called Minilits. We have seen significant gains in literacy through involvement in this program.

If you have a concern about your child’s learning we encourage you to see your child’s teacher as soon as you can.